Sunday, 9 December 2018

Help save the trackbed of the March-Spalding rail link

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Subject:RE: H01-0871-18 at Former Station Yard & Croft House Nursery, Mill Drove South, Cowbit
Date:Fri, 7 Dec 2018 14:51:34 +0000
From:Polly Harris-Gorf <>
To:'Simon Barber' <>

Dear Mr Barber

I have received your objection and have prĂ©cised this in to my report. Some of your objections seem to cover broader issues than those that could be addressed by this application and I would direct you to more strategic documents such as the emerging South East Lincolnshire Local Plan which can be viewed on the Council’s website, and the Lincs County Council Strategic Transport officers. If you wish to make representations  to these and to the Local Enterprise Partnership I suggest that this is undertaken separately of your objection to this application.

Yours sincerely

Polly Harris Gorf Principal Planning Officer| South Holland District Council
Council Offices, Priory Road, Spalding, PE11 2XE
DDI: 01775 764504

Please note that any informal officer opinion expressed by this email is without prejudice and is not binding on the Council during the consideration of any formal application.


Comments have been received on the above application via the website and have been
transferred to Ocella.

The comments are as follows:

Consultee Name:               Simon Barber

Address:                               Flat 20, Fitzherbert House Kingsmead

Date Transferred:               7th Dec 2018

Planning Officer:                Polly Harris-Gorf

Response Type:                 Objection


I am a member of the English Regional Transport Association(ERTA),which is a voluntary membership-based,pro-public transport improvement association with its main projects initially in the Bedfordshire and surrounding regional areas but its remit has since increased since several of its projects have a nation-wide positive benefit and impact. .I am writing as a member of that organisation to mention a few concerns in relation to the above-mentioned planning application. The English Regional Transport Association has a web-site that could provide useful information: I do hereby lodge an objection to this development since these new dwellings will encourage more cars which will in turn increase the congestion on the local roads. Indeed a certain number of the new occupants could be car commuters accessing employment in Spalding or perhaps places such as Peterborough which suffers from severe traffic congestion. The site also appears to encroach the old trackbed of the March - Spalding railway line which we wish to see re-opened. I call upon the Council, Strategic Planning and Transport offices including Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) to support, study, protect lands for a reopenedMarch-Spalding rail link.See The reopened rail link will enable more paths on East Coast Main Line, freeing up Peterborough for other trains, cutting Fenland traffic and linking York and Cambridge directly as a cross country Eastern England spinal route both ways including M11/A1 rail choice for more freight by rail. See Yours faithfully, Simon Barber 

Write to South Holland District Council, Priory Road, Spalding, PE11 2XE and your local MP and join ERTA and strengthen our campaign.

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