Thursday, 15 November 2018

Relieve the Brighton Main Line by reopening Guildford-Horsham-Shoreham lines

Guildford's existing bus and rail situation: The town suffers from chronic traffic congestion and that investment in more public transport was necessary to reduce this problem. However, a new bus station is being planned at Guildford which is expected to be close to the railway station.
Guildford-Cranleigh-Horsham re-opening: There are very few blockages on the route; apart from problems at Cranleigh, but only in that the route would need a deviation. Several new housing developments are taking place or could soon take place along the route corridor, including Broadbridge Heath (near Horsham) and some in or around Cranleigh. Consequently, there will be strong pressure to get the railway line re-opened between Guildford and Cranleigh, and in fact the Guildford Councillor who came is pressing for the whole line to be re-opened to Horsham since re-opening to Horsham gave Cranleigh to Gatwick journey opportunities as well as to Shoreham and Brighton. Additional services on new through routes could be done by re-timetabling, using for the main, existing rolling stock. A tram-train link from Dunsfold to a re-opened Cranleigh station could be useful as taking pressure of local car journeys.
Christ's Hospital Station is about 400 metres from the A24 Horsham by-pass and was also the point where the Guildford-Horsham line had forked off the main line from London - Horsham - Bognor Regis/Littlehampton. There consequently seemed to be a strong feeling for a Park-and-Ride at that station.
Gatwick- Redhill -Tonbridge curve: The conclusion was reached that the existing rail service involved a change/reversal at Redhill worked, in that Redhill was an important rail junction and that a rail service that missed out Redhill would require more rolling stock and finding additional train timetable paths on the Brighton main line, already with capacity problems. The journey time savings would not be that significant. However, the curve could produce some possible freight opportunities. North Downs Line: Strong pressure for North Downs Line to be fully electrified (at present only Reading-Wokingham; Guildford-Ash; Reigate-Redhill-Tonbridge).
Ed. A High Speed (HS) Link proposes curve via Gatwick and Heathrow to Tonbridge/Channel Tunnel for their purposes too.
Further enquiries welcome: Mr Simon Barber ERTA 6HT T. 0208 940 4399, E.

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