Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Have your say on Bromham Road Bridge Consultation Bedford May 2018

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I wish to express that I would like to see the eastern arch of the said bridge widened or a third arch inserted to enable a new direct track of bi-directional signalling to physically link direct from the St John's - Bedford Midland River Great Ouse Bridge to link with the two slow tracks of the Midland Main Line just north of the existing bridge for enabling direct, segregated running to and from the Midland Main Line north to the East-West Rail for Oxford and Cambridge via St John's for passenger and freight operations.

Currently such increased operations would have to run into Platform 1 at Bedford Midland and with the clutter of extensive Thameslink and other operations, means a bottleneck exists which stifles rail operations and expansion.

It is vital that with a rebuilding of a Cambridge to Bedford 'missing link' Central Section of East-West Rail, freight can traverse from Felixstowe-Cambridge-Bedford and onto the Midland Main Line to either link with Brackmills and DIRFT via a rebuilt Bedford-Northampton railway or via the South Leicester Curves for onwards via the Nuneaton line and vice versa. The benefit of such is that 35 or so paths into, across and out of London via the West Coast Main Line through Milton Keynes Central Station are freed up for other operators beit passenger or new freight to rail growth. Unless and until this is addressed, we throw all to the roads which are being widened at £billion of public money and stifle rail playing it's fuller role in society and efficient transport of people and goods. 

Bedford Midland needs to be redesigned and new built with the passenger shed back on the old site at the corner of Midland Road/Ashburnham Road so when leaving, walking, cycling and bus usage to the town and beyond is visible and more do-able than the present site lends. It would free up space for more parking but also enable a segregated access off the current Bedford-Bletchley line for going north of Bedford. The Bedford-Bletchley line lends itself to infill electrification for a shuttle between Bedford and Watford to be nurtured like making Southern West London-Bletchley half hourly frequency and sending one to Bedford and one to Milton Keynes Central, which lacks critical baying capacity for all the trains which wish to get to it beit London-Northampton, Aylesbury, Bedford or West London, this stifles contra commuting potential and work aspirations.

I trust these comments may be born in mind and welcome any further discourse of scope. Yes the corner of Chauncer Road/Spencer Road may need clipping for the extra third track, but the dividends will be greater flexible operational ability and enable rail to do more for the benefit of all.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Pill
ERTA Officer. 

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