Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Swings and Roundabouts do not help get inclusively ALL people from a to b or c!

Saw a senior representative of Network Rail at their HQ in MK yesterday. He was nice as can be but could not commit to what we wanted. Bedford-Northampton has no backers of big people or organisations and the values and priorities are such that at every turn we're last or second in any queue. Olney has ambitions to double in size and no regard for any railway course, so a direct conflict. On the other hand most of the rest of the route, even the NR man said was 'there'. Sandy spread blocking the old Bedford-Cambridge rail route and now East-West Rail want a brand new creation route. Into the mix for the railway they talk of a new East-West Road 'Super Highway' and development across the arc the size of Birmingham. With Brexit, I feel we're in a kind of free-fall and lack a sense of joined-up-ness. See attached for evidence the Bedford-Northampton railway could make a contribution - but it is translating that to lead support = the big issue. We at ERTA are too small and lay-people. Today is Pancake Day - something which puts Olney on the map!

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