Friday, 9 February 2018

Come to our committee and give support

Agenda for Northampton – Bedford Rail Reopenings Committee Saturday 24th February 2018 at Friends Meeting House (Quakers) School Room, Wellington Street, Northampton 1pm for a 1.30pm start.

1.       Chairman’s Welcome and brief outline introduction
2.       Apologies
3.       Reopening the Northampton-Brackmills-Olney-Bedford rail link and break down:
a. Northampton Area – largest town
b. University Campus
c. Brackmills Branch
d. Olney – chief blockages: Are they surmountable? A study is needed to come up with a new viable bypass/deviation route around the northern periphery to link with the old trackbed to the east
e. Bedford
f. Rest of trackbed, Great Houghton, Newton Blossomville, Turvey/Station End, Bridge Street, London Road, Stevington Parish and linking to MML via a flyover to/from the slows at the area of Oakley Junction/A6 sandwich of lands.
g. A428 Corridor + A509

4.       What needs doing/identifying achievable goals – we can suggest first, then vote on a top 10 with one person allocated to them each if we have 10 people.
e.g. Trackbed protection and watch, making a case, selling a case, courting and building consortia, getting councils and MP’s on board, peopling and feeding into this committee tabled by ERTA, building networks of support, market stall/other stall seeking and doing – needs someone to safely and responsibly store stock Northampton end and to bring it down every Thursday at 7.30am for setting up. Any other aspects?

5.       Appointment of officers to the committee:
-          Chairperson for these meetings
-          Secretary
-          Fund raiser
-          Northampton Area Reps*
-          Other area reps*
*To feed into this meeting new supporters, helpers, advocates, members and contacts

6.       Conference – shall we or not – take a vote.
7.       Day, Date, Time and Place of next committee meeting – here. We need general commitment and must grow it must be a community affair.
More information contact Mr Simon Barber: T. 0208 940 4399, E.

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