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Rugby Forum, Saturday 28th April - All Welcome

01 February 2018

Press Release

Notice is given that ERTA intends to table a Forum on Saturday 28th April at the Wetherspoons ‘Rupert Brooke’, 8 - 10 Castle Street, Rugby CV21 2TP open to all who may be interested in discussing the matters around reopening the Great Central Railway or at least a slice of it. The meeting will be 1pm social interaction and buy food and drink from the bar and 2-4pm discussing the main business of the meeting.

The Great Central closed over 50 years ago at a time when motorways were being built by Government expenditure and railways like the West Coast Main Line were being modernised and smaller lines or duplicate lines cut. Now we have a scenario whereby these other transport corridors are reaching full capacity, development is going in and people and freight still needs options for efficient choice of transport and travel which do not cost the earth.

ERTA wants local authorities to be at very least open minded and preferably to support the principle of rebuilding the line between Leicester/East Midlands-Calvert and the East-West Rail link being resuscitated. Deviations are required and recovery of the route would ideally be done over a 20-year period with pro-active policies of reclamation.

ERTA Media Spokesperson Richard Pill says “This scheme is at an early stage and need backers including a coming together of business and elected communities to see the potential for passenger and freight going by rail more. Obstacles can be overcome and lessons from other schemes can be applied here.”

End of Press Release

Further comment via Mr Richard Pill, ERTA Media Spokesperson 01234 330090/

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