Monday, 22 January 2018

LRT Solutions - or think again?

And yet we have the dichotomy of on the one hand everyone prescribing LRT as a panacea to urban rapit transit needs - cutting traffic and pollution - and the fact that we do not see a rolling programme of cheaper solutions like Parry People Mover - which does not need Overhead Power Lines - being stifled from being rolled out as part of a national programme - Weymouth Quay would be a good start to demonstrate versatility. Cost is mooted as a prohibitive factor and austerity another/no money, but continentals seem to do it and Manchester seems to be doing well - what and where is the role of Governments to set standards and regulate whilst ensuring a rolling programme/learning lessons? The rail lobby seems diversified on these matters with hot and cold but few tangible schemes. Milton Keynes, Oxford, Cambridge and Northampton all seem worthy candidates and if Nottingham, why not Leicester too, alas hard to know why if no rail magazine journalist does the groundwork!

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