Friday, 11 August 2017

All aboard the Flitwick vanity trip! Reopen Ampthill Railway Station for relief.

The reality is that Flitwick is about 10 miles south of Bedford Midland Station on the Midland Main Line and a 10 mile arc at least, draws a load of people from outside Flitwick including Milton Keynes overflow, M1 via A507, Marston Vale extensive new developments and Wixams all commute by driving south and catching a train. That arc east-west of some 15 miles won't want to drive along the busy A421 to Wixams but go south, saving fuel and rail costs to Flitwick for Thameslink to the City of London et al. ONLY an Ampthill Station can give the land-use capacity needed to ensure the long term relief to Flitwick and Ampthill of being a large on-street car park for non residents. Central Bedfordshire Council are opportunist and head in sand if they believe anything different. 10 years growth will render current development plans inadequate and besides Flitwick has not got the road layout for peak time overflow of traffic. Bypassing from Westoning to A507 east of Flitwick for A6 access via Clophill may be something to consider, but if infill housing to Greenfield goes in, then a bypass is scuppered locking-in the congestion and single bridge concentrate.

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