Saturday, 1 July 2017

Olney Alert - Help us save the Bedford-Olney-Northampton rail link hope

Saturday, 1 July 2017
Olney Alert - Help us save the Bedford-Olney-Northampton rail link hope
Firstly to just notify and extend a welcome to you to attend our AGM and public meeting:
ERTA AGM + PUBLIC MEETING – TUESDAY 11 JULY. 1pm Food and Social – please note everyone is responsible for paying for their own food and drink
2pm – 4pm Business at Function Room, The Tavistock Pub, 117 Tavistock Street, Bedford, MK40 2SB. It is a 10-minute walk from the local rail and bus station otherwise pool together and share a taxi. The venue has a carvery facility. Agendas will be given out at the event and it would be helpful if you can notify if you will be attending. On arrival ask for directions to the Function Room at the Bar.

Secondly, I enclose a pro-forma letter which you can use or adapt to object to housing development near or on the trackbed at Olney and use the opportunity to suggest the merits of a railway to Olney, wider Milton Keynes. Copies of the booklet Making a case for a new Northampton-Bedford Rail Link £4.50 (please bring £5 notes) will be on sale at the AGM. Please purchase copies and use as a guide to helping up make waves to get this corridor protected. It is no more ‘lost’ than a Bedford-Sandy-Cambridge rail link and the only difference is one enjoys East-West Consortium support and the other does not. Please write to Northampton Councillors, MP’s and Milton Keynes/Olney Councils and make the case, give support and encourage others to take an interest. It needs professionals to champion it and lead/get behind the effort we’re making.
Useful websites for further information:
Olney Town Council/contacts:
Our BlogSpot: Which also has details on the new Network Rail/Consortium East-West Rail public consultation.
Thirdly, our association is seriously short of
people and funds. We need people with cars who can give lifts and help man stalls reliably. We need more Executive Committee members to help ensure the smooth running of ERTA and help with raising more funds and members to grow our network, reach and range. Our website has a donations page:

We need someone to help us with website development and PayPal sorting/setting up for sales please. If you or a reliable friend you know could help us remotely or hands-on, please do get in touch with us. Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Richard Pill
ERTA Officer

Ref: 17/00939/OUT | Outline permission (with all matters reserved except access) for the residential development of 250 dwelling houses and associated public open space, car parking and community facilities including a multi-use community building | Land West of Yardley Road And West of Aspreys Olney.
I/we (tick) wish to object to these dwellings for the following reasons:
1.    Whilst they may not impinge directly on the alignment of the railway (Bedford-Olney-Northampton) they are close and may provide more objections to a future reopening and/or present a design/engineering hazard in the event of a need to realign the railway to bypass Olney and make joining trajectories more difficult. To the extent they may assume or border the old trackbed, it is an unwanted intrusion on a green belt between railway corridor and built environment. □
2.       There is no provision for a bus stop (No. 41 serves Yardley Road) on a dangerous ‘s’ bend in the road with gradient either side and so is a road use bound development from day one, making it a contributor to congestion and unsustainable. Hazardous road-way for cycling along too. Provision for off road cycle safety should be paramount in design consistent to Milton Keynes Redway design network. □
3.       Olney badly needs more parking and better traffic management. A new railway with a station could include an all-day park and walk/cycle provision to and from the High Street. □
4.       A bypass would remove hazardous traffic from Olney, how much of that through traffic is coincidental trade for local shops and businesses and how much is just noisy, polluting and pedestrian/cycle hazard intrusion on a traditional market town? □
5 Growth without infrastructure without a railway and/or a bypass is ill-thought out. □
I/We would also like to say that the railway should be supported in Olney and a wider regional strategic missing rail link interest. Development should be tailored to protect a railway route.
Please write to:
Mr Justin Booij, Case Officer,
The Planning Department
Civic Offices, 1 Saxon Gate East
Central Milton Keynes
Clerk & Council
Olney Town Council
The Olney Centre,
High Street,
Olney, Buckinghamshire
MK46 4EF

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