Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Flying Pigs Need Earthing!

Reflection and appeal: Northampton-Olney-Bedford would enable Northampton-Cambridge and Northampton-Luton Airport direct by rail and Olney too. This would revolutionise public transport in the area as buses could link in with a new Olney rail station. For that to happen, ambitions to extend Olney north on adjacent fields need to be curtailed and attention needs to be given to mop and disinfect the towns bus shelter opposite the dilapidated Bull Hotel stop adjacent to the market. 
It's basics upwards and bread and butter downwards which needs to be looked at not series of rounds of discussions with speculative development in mind. The case for reopening this rail link is beginning to be appreciated at a higher level and grassroots like town councils and their leaders can show some interest and work with us to implement the Handley alignment. 
Then development can be tailored, including more parking for the town as it is a continuous flow of traffic along the A509, a bypass would be the death-knell but a lack of parking and the traffic which does not stop causes considerable aggravation and delay. 
The railway would be a boost to Olney and inform regular flows of footfall and spend, sustaining local businesses and helping relieve congestion. Win, win, is why we need to work together to save the old trackbed and keep the route open for the new, so options are kept open and not have a mindset of development solves problems, it doesn't without sustainable fixed infrastructure link a Northampton-Olney-Bedford rail link would be. 
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