Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Lower Thames Crossing Overview

Comment: Laudable as this project is and must be, none-the-less it is a pity that to get a rail scheme you have to have a road? A sole rail scheme with inland roll-on, roll-off for road traffic 'hop across' would be much better, cleaner and environmentally friendly and indeed Channel-plethora could be bolted on.
Fanning out northern side the rails need to go to Stansted, Cambridge and Norwich and south side Tonbridge and Brighton Mark 2 network as well as Kent and Chunnel makes sense. Cambridge taps into East-West Rail and Bedford-Northampton for DIRFT/West Coast. HS2 is wrong side of London, M11 corridor-A14 to Lutterworth and Birmingham would have been better, even at 120 mph (lower design specification cuts costs) gives time to consume a cup of coffee as you enjoy the countryside. Chunnel-West Midlands freight included would have been a boost, alas current HS2 is a sterile self contained cage with bedeviling West London, messing up the Chilterns and cutting through vast tracts of land without a station either end which means all development in it's wake will add to existing roads and rails making mayhem. This Lower Thames Crossing does not do that, it seeks to reach out and make common cause and links, diversity and multi-rail disciplinary applications (variety of local and regional train operations). March-Spalding new build is required to feed into it from the Doncaster line.

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  1. 1. The simplest way of providing a cross Thames passenger service would be to build a new station on HS1 where it traverses the Purfleet-Grays line and the existing Dartford road crossing. This could become a key rail/bus interchange, on a route between Gatwick and Stansted that would also interchange with several of London's other radials.

    2. I regard it as disgraceful that there is no cross Thames route east of London for freight. Given that the North London Line shows that track sharing with the Overground is possible, I suggest a route extension from Barking to Barking Riverside and Thamesmead, then to New Cross via Charlton and Slade Green alternately. Freight could then run from the Gospel Oak-Barking line to the Channel Tunnel via this route to Belvedere then Strood and a new connection at Maidstone.

    3. The above comment reminded me of the Direct Link North proposals, which surfaced a few years ago as an alternative high speed strategy also catering for freight. Google the above to see what the proposals consist of. I don't know whether anyone is still actively pursuing them.