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ERTA 2019 Sales List

ERTA have stalls at various events and conducive outlets and would, if we had more resources, like to do more. Could you be part of the answer? Enquiries and offers welcome to entertain. E.g. cheauffers, assistants, seeking stalls, manning stalls, donations, marketing and help generally - join us and get involved.

Monday, 14 January 2019

March-Spalding 11th hour appeal

Dear Colleagues,

A recent housing application at Cowbit threatens to obliterate the trackbed of the former March-Spalding rail corridor which survived all closures of the 1960's until 1981. This rail link, with over 30 years of growth is needed now as never before with the benefits it would offer of:
1. Commuting/employment to/from Cambridge and Stansted Airport from South Lincolnshire
2. Inward visitorship, footfall and spend on the back of diverse access being improved
3. More passengers and freight by rail, de-cluttering local roads, cutting waste and costs which congestion without alternatives locks in.

For these reasons and more the English Regional Transport Association (ERTA) believes that we must tailor development around not on top of trackbeds. That a study should be commissioned to look at the benefits for the areas it would serve of railway reopening albeit with modest deviations where blockages have been allowed to encroach the old route. For example at the Spalding end, could a new freight depot at Deepening St Nicholas also double up as a spur access to and from the Doncaster-Spalding-Peterborough line given the old junction nearer Spalding is now under housing? Likewise at Whitemoor, the existing and campaigned for reopening March-Wisbech line could have a twin track set of points off of it onto the Spalding lines clearing the Prison which was built soon after closure on the old trackbed. 

The new duck and up flyover plan at Peterborough North is laudable but for freight to and from East Anglia to Doncaster and further afield it is a great way round, timely and uncompetitive surely contrast the option to restore the direct rail route for boosted benefits on and off the railway including more employment and sustainable jobs?

I would, on behalf of ERTA like to ask for your support for forming a consortium to pool resources and bid for funds for a full blown feasibility study and to ensure planning authorities tailor development and inform a new policy of trackbed and deviation space protection. That does not have to be dormancy amidst rising demand, rather could be green spaces, linear park, cycle-walk-way spaces which could be slewed or redesigned in the event of the railway being restored. With Brexit informing a context of uncertainty, surely it is prudent to keep our local, strategic options open in a competitive world?

I welcome your further kind interest. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Pill
ERTA Officer.

Spalding Voice newspaper coverage 17-01-2019 - unsure where they get 'John' from when they knew it was 'Richard' likewise we stressed March-Spalding via Cowbit, so why throw in Wisbech on this occiaision?! Apart from that, good piece.

If people support this rail link you can do the following:
a. Join ERTA - see our website
b. write to South Holland District Council, South Holland District Council
Council Offices, Priory Road, Spalding, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
PE11 2XE
c. Write to local MP Sir John Hayes MP, Office 1, Broad Street Business Centre, 10 Broad Street, Spalding, PE11 1TB
Tel: 01775 711534, Fax: 01775 713905, Email:
d. Write to letters page in support see Spalding Voice Newspaper
You may want a purist approach of every dot of old route, you may support a pragmatic stance of deviations to avoid conflict or you may just support the idea and principle and agree any railway is better than none and leave the detail to a study - which needs to be campaigned for:
- route protection
- deviation space like at Cowbit
- study
- pooling resources
- forming a consortium
- getting councils on board and other agencies/organisations
All needs a growing and dedicated team, ERTA is acting to bridge the gaps and forge that team, delegate and appoint area reps anbd get the show on the rails! Please join us and give it your support without qualification until is it happening, not being built on and then being academic even as roads clog up, land is lost and swathes of people are being socio-economically disenfranchised. Let's retain choice objectively for all.

We applaud this letter and thank the local MP for taking an interest.

Support the ERTA Great Central Revival Plan

14 January 2018
Press Release

The English Regional Transport Association (ERTA) is a voluntary based pro public transport membership association and membership and support is open to all. We are aware that capacity on existing north-south rail lines is reaching a critical point of constraint and motorways like M1 and M40 for example are often clogging up with long delays which costs us all. Therefore, we believe something extra is needed. Birmingham may get HS2 but Coventry and Rugby – what do they get? We can’t turn the clock back, like our Victorian ancestors we need to start with a blank sheet and work out what can reasonably be done and recovered for reviving the rail corridor dormant between Leicester (Narborough) – Rugby-Calvert where the new railway would link into lines to Oxford via Bicester and beyond and also lines to Aylesbury and beyond to Heathrow and Guildford for example. This could be useful for more passengers and freight to go by rail and Rugby stands to gain.

ERTA has produced a report which seeks to acts as an appetiser, putting the outline of what we think may be possible and courting backers in the business and other community to come together and support it where possible, either hard copy or pdf downloads on our excellent sales page on our website:  ERTA hopes to facilitate meetings in Rugby and elsewhere over this year and welcomes support. Our email loop for interested persons is

End Press Release

Further contact or comment: Mr Richard Pill 01234 330090 or